We Create Value

We believe that there are deep-rooted traditions in hunting and shooting sports. In this context, we operate with the power of scientific progress to create value and a future. We embrace responsible entrepreneurship and work in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner.
Just as in everything in life, progress continues in the field of firearm production. To keep up with the times, we closely follow future technologies, turning our up-to-date knowledge and expertise into experience.
Our guiding principle is that 'the safest way to experience advanced technologies is through user experience.'
With our technology based on reliability and high performance, we collaborate with many leading brands worldwide. With our core values of design, production, and development underpinning every story, and innovative systems, we offer solution-oriented approaches with an annual production volume of 300,000 rifles.
The testing stages we go through to achieve excellence are meticulously carried out until the consumer encounters the rifle. After various features such as speed, safety, and grip are repeatedly tested on a rifle, it becomes ready to create its own story.

We hope you feel the same way

About Product
  • Durability, long term usage,
  • Easy Maintenance,
  • Simple but innovative designs that last for generations,
  • Adaptive solutions for ever-changing circumstances,
  • No fake promises.
About Society
  • Responsibilities to employees,
  • Preserving the family culture in the company,
  • Education and internship resources for future generations,
  • Honest and open communication with communities.
About The Earth
  • Re-cycling and waste management systems,
  • Decent Environment Policy,
  • Alternative and nature friendly energy solutions like solar power,
  • Re-Purposing waste and by-products.

Long Term Usage

In civilized societies, wildlife balance occurs when it is maintained by sportsmen. We advocate the benefits of deliberate hunting to ensure the sustainability of nature rather than its complete destruction.
While this tradition, maintained without illegal or unethical acts, will be passed on to future generations, we work to promote this awareness correctly and professionally. In short, we place respect for nature at the heart of our history, in order to transmit a deeply rooted past to the future.