As Istanbul Silah, we are an industrial company founded by Erol Kurt in 2003 to produce hunting and sporting rifles.

In addition to manufacturing small weapons under our own brand for the international market, our goal is to create historical products and brands for future generations. With more than thirty years of experience, we continue to produce hunting and sporting rifles in our modern factory building in the heart of Istanbul. 10% of our employees are engineers and technicians. We closely follow technology in all areas of manufacturing and measurement systems, constantly invest in technology and people to continue our research and development activities, daily increase the number of our own patents and useful models, and continue to advance the Turkish hunting and sporting firearms industry.

We are responding to the demands of international markets with a 98% export rate in our 32,000 m2 modern facility in Dudullu OSB.

A journey to success that began with dreams and determination in a small workshop...

For a full quarter-century, Erol Kurt, the founder of Istanbul Arms Industry, dedicated himself to the heart of the country's firearms industries and played a role in the production of Turkey's first pump-action shotgun. He gained experience in many areas such as new machinery, new products, and product patents, laying the foundational principles of Istanbul Arms Industry. Taking the first individual step in his journey of success in the industry in 2003, Erol Kurt established his team and production facility in Istanbul Ümraniye to manufacture hunting and sports rifles. For a complete 20 years, with the same enthusiasm and determination as the first day, he continues to produce quality and value, aiming to represent and pride our country in the best possible way.

Unwavering Excellence, Evolving Ahead!

Every year, Istanbul Arms allocates a significant portion of its investment to R&D and quality control. The ingrained high-quality approach, inherent in its DNA, has been officially documented and recognized by both national and international institutions.

We believe; R&D is a strategic imperative for companies that aim to remain competitive and relevant in today's dynamic business environment. It fuels innovation, creates differentiation, and prepares companies for future challenges and opportunities. Companies that prioritize R&D are better equipped to navigate change, lead in their industries, and achieve sustainable growth.