Istanbul Silah’s understanding of high quality is documented by national and international government agencies. Every year, a significant portion of our investment goes to R&D and Quality Control. Istanbul Silah is the only company that has the Authorized Economic Operator certificate in Turkey(AEO), with this document, company performs customs controls by itself.

• ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certificate
• 2D ve 3D High Tech Measurement
• More than 3000 control gauges
• 15 Qualified Personell


The sustainability of the services we provide, confidentiality of the information we hold, integrity of the assets of our customers or ourselves carries high importance. In this context, everyone working in the company, 3rd parties and suppliers are responsible for complying with our Integrated Management System Policy.

For this purpose;

- We are committed to fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards of our Integrated Management System.
- In line with our mission and vision, we commit ourselves to meet the needs of our internal and external customers by developing and using the latest technologies.
- We are committed to providing reliable, competitive design and production service in our industry
- We are committed to comply with all customer requirements and legal obligations.
- We are committed to work to achieve company objectives within team spirit.
- With continuous improvement, we are committed to keeping the efficiency of all our processes at national and international level.
- We are committed to supporting innovative and creative approaches by increasing the competencies of our employees and ensuring employee satisfaction.
- We are committed to keeping the information security awareness of our employees at high levels.
- By systematically addressing information security, we are committed to making it a structure that constantly improves, evolves and does not allow new risks to occur.
- We are committed fulfilling our responsibilities as a company that attaches importance to occupational safety and health.

General Manager

Istanbul Silah